Here is what constitutes my portfolio as of February, 2021 June, 2022 August, 2023. Not every little thing is accounted for, but I tried to go as far back as is relevant. As of 2023, I’ve moved anything related to still renders, character design, props and environment work to ArtStation. I feel like hosting things there makes more sense for now. Its a little more professional and easier to update. I’ll try and continue to add links to videos and games and special projects here. Also as of 2023, I'm going to slow down single images/smaller projects in order to focus on a feature animation and a bigger game that I'm currently working on.


POLITICS OF ETERNITY COMMISSION WIP (2023) Revised version of commissioned animation for the artist Dustin Yellin. I worked on this off and on for about 2 years. I don't think its completely finished but I'm not sure I'll ever pick back up on it.

HAINBACH / TODD BARTON MINI VIDEO (2022) Short AMV for split Vinyl LP produced for Ultraviolet Light.

BNN INTRO (2021) I made this short animation for shits and giggles during quarantine as an inside joke with some friends and also to practice materials, Blender’s compositor and sound editing. My friends Denny and Meadow made the song that plays at the end. I really wanted to attempt the “realistic clay style” that seems popular with 3D graphics these days.

I also made a series of YouTube videos walking through the project:

FREAK ROOM: THE RUINS (2019) First person POV glides into a dark void-like space (Like the intro to Halloween or a first-person videogame). In the distance, there is a small humanoid form floating under a spotlight. As the figure comes into focus, it is revealed to be a stuffed red reptile wearing a black pullover hoodie. The figure floats slightly above the ground. It’s limbs, tail, are bobbing up and down freely (soft body simulation, ragdoll) while its tongue lolls in its mouth (soft body, cloth). It has plastic fangs and large plastic eyes with slit pupils. The creature is dirty and stained. Once the full figure encompasses most of the frame, it speaks. Its dialogue is represented as crawling text at the bottom of the screen. The creature (named NINNEM) speaks with a child’s text-to-speech voice. As NINNEM begins to speak, the score starts.

Made for Dewey's Revenge @ Collisions Craft. The video was presented on an old production monitor and AV cart made of objects from places that no longer exist in Baltimore (towel from the defunct Korean Spa, fog machine from my old house in Waverly, locker from our old studio, The Freak Room).

Score provided by the immeasurably talented and generous Sam Garrett.

CITY MIRROR (2019) A collection of cartoons all around 00:01:00. My attempt at creating a demo reel of sorts. I worked on this while furloughed during the government shutdown in February 2019. I was feeling homesick and thinking about Dallas. A lot of these sequences deserve more time and I’d to eventually revisit them in a different form in the future. This was time Sam Garrett did the score for one of my videos. Sam’s work is incredible and always motivates me to actually put in effort when we collaborate on something. Like many of these short animations, City Mirror was created for one of the New Works screenings at The Red Room in Baltimore.


An undead maker named Monica lies motionless in a field of grass. She inhales. Her face is turned to the camera. She is wearing a painted Venetian mask, hoodie, shorts, long socks and combat boots. Her exposed legs are covered in scars and multi-colored bandaids. Several monarch butterflies have gathered on her face.

Another short video made on a time constraint of about a month. I was feeling very frustrated with render time and wanted to make something that was less graphically intensive. Made, again, for one of the New Works screenings.


A young woman sequestered in a remote cabin is visited by a ragged skeletal figure. The figure makes abstract promises to the woman, hoping to be invited inside. The promises change into contrived, impassioned gestures, then peculiar threats as the woman becomes more explicit in her attempts to ignore the visitor. Eventually, after the woman falls asleep, the visitor shuffles off reluctantly and collapses under a hollow tree.

Made for the last Freak Noir event. I want to remake this video as a game or something with original assets soon.

MY EXPANDED VIEW INTRO (2018) Intro animation for my friend Corey Hughes' short film, My Expanded View.

STOAN STENGE: STORIES FOR BREAKING (2017) Early entry for New Works. Most animations from 2016-2018 feature almost exclusively ripped or purchased assets. I feel like its easy to tell I didn’t have much of an idea for this one. If anything, I wish I could go back and get someone else to do the score.

MY ELF WEAPON (2016) Another early animation made for New Works. Not much to say; still mostly experimenting with secondhand assets. Some frames still look nice to me.

RECOVERY CLAMP (2016) First video ever produced for New Works and one of the very first videos I ever made. Before I was asked to produce something for the screening I hadn’t really thought about making animation work like this before. I have to thank Matt Sullivan for extending the invite and encouraging me to make animation work like this. Unfortunately it seems like I’ve lost the version that had audio.

XAVIER’S POWERS (2015) Made under direction and collaboration as part of the Get Your Life! Productions program.


I’ve moved anything related to still renders, character design, props and environment work to ArtStation. I feel like hosting things there makes more sense for now. Its a little more professional. I’ll try and continue to add links to videos and games and special projects here.


OLD CITY MIRROR My first game. Made in 6 weeks for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams Game Jam. Attempt to preserve some of the more specific eccentricities of warehouse life in Baltimore summer. Its really short, sloppy and basic. I spent most of the time on the character models; I’ll refine them for later use in another project. There’s a lot I would like to redo but since its such a little thing I think its probably best to internalize and move on.

Otherworld Television did a full playthrough here:

REMNANTS IN THE WATER I made all the backgrounds and props for this game. Pretty much anything 3d is me.


I like making collages in Photoshop, mostly for fun. Many of these were made with my friend Adrian Montoya. If you want to see more, I have additional images uploaded to my DeviantArt.

Great Trays 2
Hero 3
Pattern 5
Harvester Poster
World Eaters


Here’s some sketches and notes mostly from 2011-present. Again, if you like what you see more are uploaded on DA.



FREAK ROOM: RUINS Made for Em Reed’s Speculation Jam this essay covers my feelings around life in Baltimore and the studio space I maintained with some friends a few years ago.

MANY MAP I wrote another short, rambly piece for UNDO! Jam 2022.

I maintain a blog here however updates are infrequent.