First person POV glides into a dark void-like space (Like the intro to Halloween or a first-person videogame). In the distance, there is a small humanoid form floating under a spotlight. As the figure comes into focus, it is revealed to be a stuffed red reptile wearing a black pullover hoodie. The figure floats slightly above the ground. It’s limbs, tail, are bobbing up and down freely (soft body simulation, ragdoll) while its tongue lolls in its mouth (soft body, cloth). It has plastic fangs and large plastic eyes with slit pupils. The creature is dirty and stained. Once the full figure encompasses most of the frame, it speaks. Its dialogue is represented as crawling text at the bottom of the screen. The creature (named NINNEM) speaks with a child’s text-to-speech voice. As NINNEM begins to speak, the score starts.

Made for Dewey's Revenge @ Collisions Craft. The video was presented on an old production monitor and AV cart made of objects from places that no longer exist in Baltimore (towel from the defunct Korean Spa, fog machine from my old house in Waverly, locker from our old studio, The Freak Room).